North Texas Theological Seminary

North Texas Theological Seminary
Campus Sites
1. Chandler, 2. Dallas, 3. Tool, and 4. Wills Point all in the State of Texas
Mission Statement: 
North Texas Theological Seminary is an accredited institution with a Bible based foundation that focuses on training and educating students to be prepared and perfected in the work  of all aspects of the ministry.
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge..."
Hosea 4:6
North Texas Theological Seminary is accredited through several accrediting agencies.
National Bible College Association
National Association of Private Theological Institutions
Accrediting Commission for Biblical Higher Education
Fall Semester Classes will begin September
Classes Available the Fall Semester 
The Book of Romans
The Book of Acts
The Minor Prophets
Church Doctrine
Certificate & Degree Programs Available
Certificate Programs
Associates-60 Hours
Bachelors-120 Hours
Masters-30 Hours above a Bachelor's plus a 75 pg. Thesis
Doctorate-30 Hours above a Master's plus a 225 pg. Dissertation
Programs available in
Biblical Studies
Christian Leadership
Christian Education
Christian Counseling
$40.00 Application Fee (one time, non-refundable)
$65.00 per Semester registration fee (non-refundable)
$60.00 per credit course hour
For persons not interested in receiving a degree and/or to do and not meet admission requirements but desire to attend for personal enrichment.  These persons will not be required to do class assignments, but are not restricted from doing so.  No records or  transcript will be kept on these persons.  Auditors are strongly encouraged to purchase book.
**A donation of $40.00 dollars for each audited class is requested.** 
For an application, payment information, or other questions please come by the church or contact Pastor or First Lady Smith (214)566-8374 or (214)566-8358
Dr. Donald E. Smith Jr.-President
Tabetha R. Smith-Registrar